Honey Badger captures Hickory Nut Falls

Thomas Mabry - Honey Badger ImagesOur Town Arts

Nowhere can one appreciate the changing of the seasons more than by simply viewing a mountain with a discerning eye.

The colors of the leaves and blooms give the coming of spring away as much as the dazzling display of autumn.

As one’s eyes scan up the mountain, the evidence becomes clear. Blooming willows and dogwoods give way to the light green leaves of the hardwoods that inhabit the upper reaches until the mountaintop is crowned with evergreens.

Hickory Nut Falls as viewed from the town of Chimney Rock epitomizes the gorgeous entrance of spring into the wonder of the Southern Appalachians. We are blessed to have such beauty in our proverbial backyard.

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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