Honey Badger and the Fiery Gizzard

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On the Cumberland Plateau just outside of Tracy City, Tennessee, the trailhead for the Fiery Gizzard Trail is found. The trail has been rated in the USA Top 25 by Backpacker Magazine, so it’s popular but also rocky, rugged and steep: the perfect playground for a Honey Badger.

So why was the moniker “Fiery Gizzard” given to the creek and gorge which bears its name?

There are several theories, but I like the one by Gina Stafford claiming that Davy Crockett made camp along the creek and was eating turkey being roasted on an open flame. He bit into a gizzard that was so hot it burned his tongue. The story goes that he spit it out and into the gorge saying, “Curse you, fiery gizzard!”

In any event, the hike has a fearsome reputation made palatable by sweeping views, unique chimney-like rock formations and numerous waterfalls. Pictured is Gizzard Cascade, a 20-foot drop from a tributary that boasted an elegant emerald color on a cool April day.

Our group of Rock Sprite Kitty Myers, Hiker DJ Greer and Trail Runner Faith Hazzard even stumbled into the aftermath of a wedding on the back end of the journey which made our day even more unique.

Davy would have been proud of us native Tennesseans completing the fine trip!

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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