High school students can join UT summer research

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth

High school students under 18 can earn money doing research from June 3-21 with the University of Tennessee this summer.

UT-Knoxville is looking for students to participate in a paid research project that involves making art about their experiences and opinions about planetary science, planetary explorations, artificial intelligence, and their skills and strengths in Planet+AI.

Student participants must have a computer and access to Google Gmail and Colab. The project includes a 3-week summer experience with the first week being about planetary science and planetary explorations; the second week is math and statistics related; and the third week is about the essentials of Convolutional Neural Networks and computer vision.

Students in the program will use AI tools to create artworks and/or digital stories by working with code on Google Colab. Students will use Colab notebooks to create their artworks and/or digital stories. Google Colab will not collect students’ data and the AI tools won’t have access to any of students’ information.

Each participating student will be paid for being in this study at a rate of $400/week for 3 weeks, totaling $1,200.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Ping Wang by phone at 865-974-3815 or by email.

Participants must register before June 3.

All of us have a story and I want to tell yours! Send them to susan@knoxtntoday.com


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