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Spring and summer are the time for construction, and that holds true for Hallsdale Powell Utility District. CEO Darren Cardwell says projects are underway across the district.

During the COVID shutdown, he alternated the HPUD work schedule with a week on and a week off for staff. Now he’s bringing most everybody back. He said the materials and vehicles on Emory Road near Spring Street are there temporarily. He also apologized for any inconvenience caused by these projects. All are needed and will bring many more years of quality water and wastewater services to our growing communities, he said.

Maps for projects below are at: HPUD May 2020

Downtown Powell: “A big Powell project is the reworking of waterlines in the downtown area. These are some of our oldest water and sewer lines.” The project includes roads around Spring Street and Brickyard Road. Mike Smith Pump Services has been working for the past few months replacing the 50 + year old waterlines in this area. The project will proceed through this year.

Broadacres: Knoxville Excavating is scheduled to begin construction in June to replace some of the old waterlines in parts of Broadacres subdivision, where most of the waterlines are over 60 years old and need upgrades.

Downtown Powell sewer rehab: HPUD will replace or repair old sewer lines in the Sharp Road area. Most of these sewer lines are over 40 years old and have many problems, Cardwell said. The aging sewer lines break down and allow groundwater to enter the system, especially during heavy rains. This infiltration or inflow takes up capacity in the sewer system and causes sewer overflows and excess wastewater that has to be treated at the wastewater treatment plant. Hurst Excavating is the contractor on this project.

Pedigo Road waterline: Mike Smith Pump Services is nearing completion on replacing the old concrete waterline along Pedigo Road and Norris Freeway.

Copeland Road around I-75: Mike Smith Pump Services is nearing completion on replacing several waterlines in the Copeland Road area. This project will also assist in reducing some low-pressure issues that were occurring here.

Beaver Creek in Halls: Hurst Excavating has been working to replace the sewer interceptor that is parallel to Beaver Creek from Brown Gap Road to Beeler Road over the past several months. The sewer line is in a major flood zone and has several sewer overflows that occur during wet weather. This project will help reduce the sewer overflows and will continue into next year.

Beaver Creek in Powell: Garney Construction has started replacing the sewer interceptor along Beaver Creek from Clinton Highway to the wastewater treatment plant with a new 48-inch sewer interceptor which will help reduce sewer overflows in the area and allow for future capacity. The existing sewer line is reaching its capacity and the concrete joints are allowing groundwater to enter the sewer system. This project will proceed for about two more years.

Beaver Creek from Powell toward Halls: Cleary Construction is scheduled to begin construction on a new 48-inch sewer line along Beaver Creek east of Clinton Highway to Central Avenue in June of this year. Construction will take approximately two years to replace the old sewer interceptor.

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