Gresham staff top students to start spring break

Susan EspirituFountain City

Gresham Middle School ended the week before spring break with a Staff vs Student Basketball Game that saw the staff claim the victory with a week to ice, heal and recover before returning to face their foes.

The students started out strong in the first half and even led the board into halftime 18-16.

The students’ team received a technical foul for having too many players on the court and, by the end of the third quarter, an invigorated staff had taken the lead 30-24.

Desperate students, spurred on by their counterparts in the stands, began taking half court shots trying to catch up to the now-confident staff who were playing the balance of the game.

The game ended with a final score: Staff 47, Students 28

Both teams were coached by students with a fairly equal number of players – 12 students and 14 staff.

The staff may have had an advantage with three of their players: Coach LeBrandon Marie, Central HS girls basketball coach, along with both Gresham physical education teachers, Coach Barkley and Coach Mayes.

I am sure there is a rematch coming at the end of the year.

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