Goodbye, Edie, but we’ll be watching

Susan EspirituEast Knox

Maggie Lamb says goodbye to Edie Elephant

It pays to have a friend who is an ex-journalist because they do solid social media posts and then let you use them in stories! April Lamb and her daughter, Maggie, went to say goodbye to Edie Elephant at Zoo Knoxville on November 11, 2023. Edie has now moved to the Elephant Sanctuary in Middle Tennessee. Check this video of her arrival.

April and Maggie got to see Edie playing with her bucket and Maggie got a priceless last picture with her.

April said, “We had a close encounter with Joe the sloth and got to see the male Cuban crocodile jump for his dinner. Then we learned first-hand that Komodo dragons can climb plus had a rare Jonathon Jones (media manager for Zoo Knoxville) sighting.”

To follow Edie at her new home: Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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