Fresenius property tops weekly transfers

Nick McBrideOur Town Leaders

Just like the first week of most months, the first week of June 2019 was very busy at the Register of Deeds office.

Some 386 properties were transferred for a total of $101.7 million. The largest transfer of the week was a $2.33 million commercial deal between ARG FMEKVTN001 LLC and American Finance Trust’s AFNABSPROP001 LLC for the property of Fresenius Medical Center on East Magnolia Avenue in East Knoxville. The second largest was a $2.07 million transfer between the Oliver and Evelyn Smith Trust and Eagle Bend Development LLC for property off Westland Drive and Heritage Lake Boulevard in West Knoxville.

Loans totaling $246.2 million were recorded during the first week of the month. A construction loan in the amount of $31.37 million was obtained by The Crescent at Ebenezer LLC from Bank of Tennessee for future construction in the Ebenezer Road/Westland Drive area.

Enjoy these next few days with long daylight hours and cooler temperatures!


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