Construction nears an end at Adrian Burnett

Sandra ClarkHalls

We’re all just fine

Leaders at Adrian Burnett Elementary School in North Knox County wore special T-shirts at the start of school this year. Knox TN Today ran the photo below and this statement:

Hey, this team from Adrian Burnett Elementary School is tough. After all, they have operated in the oldest “temporary building” on earth.

The August 8 report is here:

The front of the school is still under construction with extremely limited parking? We have to continue using the back entrance? Playground installation is delayed?   Everything is fine! 😉
Honestly, though, our instructional leadership team is still SO excited for this school year! We’ve got a beautiful building with amazing people. 

Pictured in August 2023 are Adrian Burnett school leaders: Carla Kirkpatrick, cultural liaison; Stephanie Prince, principal; Angie Cox, assistant principal; Amy Campbell, instructional coach; and Amy Marshall, school counselor.


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