Cinquefoil unfolds ‘carpet of yellow’

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Wildflower Report – Round Top Trail to about 2-1/2 miles up the trail – 12 April 2024

  • Bird foot Violet – Many – At peak bloom – Colorful – some of the largest violet blooms that I have seen. – First half mile.
  • Carolina Vetch – Some – At peak bloom or just beyond – About a mile and a half up the trail.
  • Common Blue Violet – Few – Mostly at peak bloom.
  • Common Cinquefoil – Many ++ – Most at peak bloom – Almost like a carpet of bright yellow First half mile – delightful.
  • Crested Dwarf Iris – Some – Some at peak bloom, some beyond peak bloom – some budded – mostly mile up trail.
  • Firepink – (1) – At peak bloom – First half mile up the trail on the left. Brilliant!
  • Halberd Leaf Violet – Few – Appear to be just starting to bloom – around 2 miles up trail.
  • Meadow Rue – Few – Approaching peak bloom – little over a mile up the trail on the right.
  • Plantain Leaf Pussytoes – Many – most blooms are past peak.
  • Robin’s Plantain – Few – Almost at peak bloom – Near the beginning of the trail.
  • Rue Anemone – Many ++ – At peak bloom – Most after first mile up the trail – hillside covered in one area.
  • Serviceberry – Few – At or just beyond peak bloom – First mile up trail on the right.
  • Squaw Root – Few – Well past peak bloom – around 2 miles up the trail.
  • Star Chickweed – Many + ­– At peak bloom – most are on the first half mile up the trail.
  • Star Grass – Many – At peak bloom – Most are on the first half mile of the trail. Bright yellow!
  • Wild Geranium – Many – About half at peak bloom – others just starting to bloom – about mile up the trail.
  • Wild Oats – Many – Right at peak bloom – Mostly first half mile up the trail – Dainty.
  • Yellow Trillium – Few – At peak bloom.

Carolina Vetch

Birdfoot Violet

Notes: Massive blow-down at approximately 1.2 miles up the trail – two very large trees with a maze of grapevines pulled down with it. Necessary to go off trail to get around it which is quiet challenging.

If you park at the trailhead for Little Greenbrier Trail and walk to the Roundtop Trailhead and look down the embankment after leaving the parking area there are some really nice Lousewort blooms – great selection.

Photos are from file photos. Camera died – New camera has been ordered.

Tom Harrington is a regular hiker who reports on wildflowers in the Smokies.


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