CHS teachers transform doors into masterpieces

Susan EspirituFountain City

Sarah Toll, Central High School’s English teacher and Student Government Association club sponsor organizes a holiday door competition each year at the school.

However, when the competition began this December, no one imagined how the halls would transform into unique interpretations of so many Christmas themes when the judging commenced by the SGA members last Wednesday.

There were parameters: Decoration should extend no more than 4 feet wider than your door; however, teachers could join forces with a neighboring teacher to create one entry into the contest. Doors still had to be fully functional to be eligible.

Although there were multiple entries, five entries received the ultimate nod of victory:

Overall Winner: Team Valentine/Lovett/Dado with The Christmas Vacation Uncle Eddie Wonderland: see this video of the winner CHS Winning Door Decoration.

First Runner Up: Profe Viar with El Grinch

Second Runner Up: Bendy/Burchett with Buddy the Elf’s Christmas Adventure

Third Runner Up: Tied between the science hall showdown features Mytyk & The Nightmare Before Hanukkah and Alexander and The Best His Students Could Come Up With 

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