SOUP takes helping neighbors to new heights

Betsy PickleSouth Knox

Here’s the thing about Knoxville SOUP. You think it’s going to be the same thing every time: a festively decorated venue, well-intentioned amateurs pitching their ideas about what they want …

SOUP highlights neighbors helping neighbors

Betsy PickleSouth Knox

The four projects vying for the pot at Knoxville SOUP on Tuesday, April 30, are small in focus but epic in thoughtfulness.

One provides free lawn-care services in lower-income/impoverished and middle-income …

Rick Byrd: Local boy makes good

Marvin WestSouth Knox, westwords

Nobody from Knoxville has been elected president of the United States. I looked it up.
Nobody from Knoxville has carried the Olympic torch at an opening ceremony.
Only one person from Knoxville …

Visitation Friday for Crow Webb

Sandra ClarkObits, South Knox

I did not know Billy Joe “Crow” Webb, but I felt like I did after reading his obituary. At least, I sure wish I had known him.
Mr. Webb ran Crow’s …