Breaking: Knox axes BMX track

Sandra ClarkSouth Knox

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has axed plans for a county-built BMX track in South Knoxville, while recommitting to renovate and improve the athletic fields at South-Doyle Middle School.

In a press statement Monday, Jacobs said the improvements include the complete overhaul of the soccer fields, which is already underway and will be upgraded more throughout the summer. Also this summer, Knox County will construct a new high-quality track, shot put and discus circle, bleachers, fencing, concession stand and ADA-approved bathrooms and sidewalks. The projects are scheduled to be complete before the start of school this fall, weather permitting.

“The county has promised these improvements to the South-Doyle Middle School students and faculty and we intend to see them through to completion,” Jacobs said. “It’s not fair to them to have fields that are in such poor condition and we want to make sure that they have top-notch fields that the community can utilize and enjoy for years to come.”

Jacobs said bids have been secured, plans submitted and money allocated.

The proposed BMX track at the same location has been removed from the plans, Jacobs said, because the actual cost of the track and projects that support it has inflated to nearly three times the amount budgeted. Uncertainty about the track’s ability to draw races make it “too much of a risk,” he said.

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