Beaver Creek: A spot for all seasons

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Beaver Creek is beautiful when it snows, but that does not mean to go jump in. Even worse, don’t try to float when the creek floods.

The creek does, however, have a Facebook page where good advice and better pictures are shared.

Here are comments following recent weather events (as they say on TV). Names withheld to protect the innocent.

Hall Monitor: Stream flow has gone from 70 cfs to over 781 cfs in the last 24hrs. As flooding conditions exist do not attempt to access the stream. If you are out and about around the watershed, share your pictures here … Stay safe everyone!

Beaver Creek in fresh snow (Photo/ Carolyn Alexander Fellhoelter)

Questioner: I thought all that work they did down Beaver Creek was to stop the flooding??

Charlie Austin (site administrator): Beaver Creek drains 86 square miles of Knox County … you’re not going to stop flooding when you get 3 inches of rain in 24 hours. The creek is simply the drain and the drain was clogged with jams, the work that’s been done so far has already shown drastic improvements to flooding and the stream’s ability to better handle flood waters. Just using ( ) as an example, even after the 3 inches of rain, Harrell Road remained open and passable as flood waters flowed on down the stream instead of backing up and flowing across the road and into the park.

In effect the stream stayed around 2- to 3-feet lower than it would have normally been with that amount of input, which reached 800cfs. The project isn’t complete but it’s definitely already showing marked improvements and we’re excited to see it continue to move forward to the next section. Every cleared section will help to mitigate the flooding situation.

Props to Knox County for all the hard work.

Video: Don’t need a dock in the snow!

Questioner: It is an uphill battle with clogs. It is called Beaver Creek for a reason. I just don’t see the city staying on top of it enough to do what they are planning with walking trails along the creek. Be washed out first good rain. Hopefully, they get it completely fixed.

Charlie Austin: The Beavers are not the problem, seldom do they build across the creek, they are usually on a tributary offshoot. The problem has been unchecked debris jams and the constant rise and fall of water levels which cause weak stream banks. Then a wind pushes over a dead tree and another jam begins. The project won’t be finished overnight but we’re definitely making improvements and have the support of the Knox County mayor and county commission to see that work continues. We’re excited about each and every step that gets taken.

Hall Monitor II: Not sure the city has anything to do with the creek.

Questioner II: I was wondering about kayaking. Not during flooding?

Hall Monitor III: It depends solely on ability level, gear and knowledge. As a general rule, it’s a terrible idea. There are far too many variables in floodwaters. Trees and all sorts of stuff get dislodged and can be invisible.

That being said, with a whitewater boat I ran BC at this level a few times. It’s just not worth the risk.

Hall Monitor II: Don’t try it. Getting entangled with underwater limbs and trees can be fatal no matter what equipment you have.

Stream flow has gone from 70 cfs to over 781cfs in the last 24 hours. As flooding conditions exist do not attempt to access the stream.

Yes, you can take it with you.


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