Bearden friends toast Diane Battenberg on retirement

Susan EspirituWest Knoxville

Last week, Bearden High School and Knox County Schools Nutrition celebrated the service of Diane Battenberg, who is retiring after 29 years at Knox County Schools.

Beginning and retiring pictures for Diane Battenberg

Diane works in the Bearden High School cafeteria.

The clever signed poster read: “After 29 years of (Rolo) ing up your sleeves and (Mounds) of hard work, your (Payday) is finally here. It’s time to leave the daily (Crunch) behind.

“Since you’ve had to deal with a lot (Airheads) and (Smarties) along the way, we had hoped to give you (100 Grand), but it slipped through our (Butterfingers).

“Whether you hit (5th Avenue) in New (York) or (Orbit) the (Milky Way), we wish you all the best. After all, 2, 610,000 student lunches served in 29 years is nothing to (Snickers) about. May your retirement be filled with (Almond Joy) and don’t forget to let your (Tootsie Roll).

Congratulations to Diane on her retirement! ”

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