And what do you play, Mark?

Sandra ClarkPowell

Powell guy Mark Reda loves music.

Asked by a family member to take a picture with all of the instruments he plays, this photo resulted.

Now Mark says he’s not playing at Carnegie Hall anytime soon, but he does play at local concerts. Oh, and he defines “play” as producing a recognizable song from an instrument.

Mark Reda, uncropped

Here is the list of instruments shown in the picture: Bongos, Keyboard, Lap Dulcimer, Guitar, Trumpet, Fiddle, Mandolin, Saw, 3 Native American Flutes in different keys, 3 Penny Whistles in different keys, David’s Harp, Pan Flute, Bodhran, Djembe Drum, Tubino Drum and Spoons.

Not shown (but also played) are Maracas, Tambourine, Turkey Baster, Flugelhorn, nine-piece drum set, Hammered Dulcimer and Classical Flute.

“The last two I have, but am still learning to play them. Also, I once played a harp that vendors were selling at Dollywood. I figure you can use this picture as a game with your kids, like where is Waldo, except it’s where is Mark. Or you can have the kids try to identify the instruments.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I need to take the bongo screws out of back of my neck.”


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