An extraordinary hike in more ways than beauty

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Age is more than a number!

We enjoyed a great March hike this past weekend with what may be a record in the Southern Appalachians – if anyone keeps track of extraordinary wilderness events.

Honey Badger and Rock Sprite  with Bernie Boyer

Christy and Andy Kunkle are friends and frequent hiking partners of Honey Badger and Rock Sprite Kitty Myers. Their 14-month-old Jackson now hikes and rides right along with them on Andy’s pack. We joined the Kunkle Family and waterfall legend Bernie Boyer on our most recent off trail excursion.

Accompanied by his daughter Blair, Bernie said he didn’t hike much off trail these days, but there’s a reason.

Bernie is 88 years old and my hero!

This was no ordinary hike with the range of hikers at almost a century between the age of Jackson at 14 months to Bernie who is pushing 89 years.

This was no staged event – it was a real hike including bushwhacking and creek walking to a 212-foot waterfall on the Blue Ridge escarpment!

Observing and participating in an outdoors life has rewards not commonly seen and gratitude for those exquisite rewards. We are glad to be in the mix.

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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