Adrian Burnett has its own ‘Survivors’

Susan EspirituHalls, Our Town Youth

One of my favorite times with my school staff was always “theme” building. Teams would form, competitions would begin and the grade levels would bond in a united goal to earn whatever prize was offered monthly.

Adrian Burnett principal Stephanie Prince leads her school in a similar fashion and I caught up with first grade teacher Melinda Valentine to hear about their winning efforts.

This year, the school staff was allowed to choose any theme for their teams so the first-grade team analyzed their dynamics along with their custodial friends Andy Salmon, Ron Kivett and Valerie Kivett.

The team decided their perfect name  is “Senior Survivors” since their ages range from 50-80, and they keep overcoming the unexpected.

Melinda Valentine, Maria Olrich, Angie Jones and Tammy Carr (Andy Salmon, Ron Long and Valerie Kivett had lunch later.)

The first-grade survivors have dodged leaking tiles, last minute bookshelf deliveries and along with the whole staff an unfinished parking lot and unfinished playground, but as Melinda Valentine says, “I wouldn’t be at any other school. I travel from South Knoxville to teach here because it is like family. We support each other and it is all about the kids at Adrian Burnett.”

The winning Senior Survivors team got free lunch from Honey Baked Ham. Hope Melinda didn’t have to use the Pepto Bismol she was holding in the winning picture.

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