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Nick McBride

The second week of 2024 ended with a total of 1,140 documents having been recorded. One hundred sixty-six of those were Warranty Deeds (property sales) which had a combined value of $59.68 million.

Only two commercial properties transferred for a million dollars or more. One of those was in the Forks of the River Industrial Park, at 5409 National Drive. Scott Enterprises of Tennessee LLC sold the property to Centre Stage Partnership for $3.35 million.

An office building in the Bearden area was also on the list. Apex Bank sold the building and adjoining lot at 435 Montbrook Lane, off Gleason Drive, to a private partnership for $1.36 million.

On the financing side of real estate, we recorded 234 Trust Deeds last week. The aggregate value of land that was financed came to a total of $71.35 million. Among these, only three loans were valued at one million or more. The largest mortgage of the week was backed by PI 44 Funding LP in the amount of $17.225 million. Capstar Bank funded the second largest loan coming in at $3.328 million. And, lastly, CMG Mortgage Inc. backed a loan for $1.093 million.

The four-year comparison chart has been updated below:

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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