Oak Haven Mobile Home Park brings $1.4 million

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Happy New Year! We began 2024 with the recording of 793 documents during the four-day workweek. A total of 165 loans worth $41.06 million were recorded. Five were for amounts over $1 million. Coliseum Holdings LLC funded the most valuable loan of the week at $2.16 million. The other loans over a million dollars were:

Nick McBride

The first week of the year yielded 121 property transfers totaling $44.78 million. The Oak Haven Mobile Home Park at 7916 Clinton Highway was the first high-value commercial transfer of the year and the only commercial transfer of the week. Oak Haven Mobile Home Park LLC sold the 8.8-acre mobile home community to TRG East TN HMC LP for $1.4 million.

Moving into the new year, we will now look at historical data over a four-year span. The comparison chart is updated below as of January 6, 2024.

Other statistics for 2023:

  • 60 Trust Deeds were obtained with values over $10 million.
  • The highest-value loan of the year was funded by PNC Bank in the amount of $233,284,397.
  • 52 Warranty Deeds were recorded with price tags over $10 million.
  • The most valuable piece of property to change hands in 2023 was One Riverwalk on the old Baptist Hospital site. One Riverwalk LLC sold the property to Passco One Riverwalk DST for $124,070,625.
  • The total number of documents recorded for the year was 64,728 including 14,422 loans and 10,994 property transfers.

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Please note: The Register’s office is closed on Monday, January 16, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and will reopen on Tuesday 1/17 at 8 a.m.

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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