You can’t beat Grainger County tomatoes

Betsi JamesOur Town Eats

They’re here! And you won’t find a better price on Grainger County tomatoes.

The 28th annual Grainger County Tomato Festival was canceled this year because of COVID-19, but the farmers still grew acres of the juicy red treats. Look here for a list of producers, and drive up to Grainger County to say hello. Just stay socially distanced.

MDBox: Food City recently announced its partnership with Reliant Immune Diagnostics to offer MDBox telehealth to our valued customers. MDBox is a telehealth provider that enables patients to video chat with a licensed medical professional on their mobile device any time they feel sick or need medical attention.

Mickey Blazer

“MDBox gives our customers easy access to a healthcare provider when they need it. No appointment is necessary, and they can talk to a licensed physician in the privacy of their own home,” says Mickey Blazer, Food City executive vice president of pharmacy and fuel services.

“More importantly, they can receive healthcare in a safe environment without the concern of potential exposure to dangerous viruses such as COVID-19. Food City’s partnership with MDBox is just another example of how much our customers’ healthcare means to us,” says Blazer.

Patients and their families can save time and money and get the care they need from the comfort of their own home – any time of the day or night. Food City customers will receive $10 off their first MDBox visit. Info here.

This week’s ad has great deals for meat lovers. Click link to read: Food City_8.14 Knox ROP

Betsi James is special events manager for Food City’s Knoxville and Chattanooga divisions.

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