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It’s not surprising that Bill Hagerty beat Manny Sethi for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate. Hagerty apparently had led polling all the way. But the race was tightening, and Sethi carried Knox County handily. Look forward to reading Frank Cagle’s comments on this next week. Knox County election returns are here and state returns are here.

Eddie Mannis was Republican enough to win the nomination to replace Martin Daniel in TN House District 18. But is Nashville ready for Eddie? Stay tuned.

Patti Bounds ran a good campaign, but it wasn’t enough to beat Bill Dunn, the out-of-state voucher vultures and the innate perkiness of Michele Carringer. District 16 lost a chance to flip a pro-voucher district … on a bill that passed the House by one vote. Patti Bounds still has her seat on the school board.

Sam McKenzie led newcomer Matthew Park by 23 votes last night with the possibility of a recount and Tuesday’s examination of provisional ballots. The only sure things are: Rep. Rick Staples will not return to Nashville (except possibly for Gov. Bill Lee’s special session) and Knox County will have an all-white legislative delegation if Park finds the votes to beat McKenzie.

David Buuck has been the chief deputy. Now he’s the law director, come September. Here’s hoping he diversifies the office – in gender, age and brain power.

Aug 6 incumbent winners: Property Assessor John Whitehead, Judge Kyle Hixon, Public Defender Eric Lutton; Commissioners Carson Dailey, Richie Beeler, John Schoonmaker; school board members Jennifer Owen, Susan Horn, Mike McMillan.

Leaving the legislative delegation: Bill Dunn, Martin Daniel, Rick Staples.

New on Knox County Commission: Dasha Lundy (D, replacing Evelyn Gill); Courtney Durrett (D, replacing Michele Carringer; Kyle Ward (R, replacing Hugh Nystrom); and Terry Hill (R, replacing Brad Anders).

New on Knox school board: Daniel Watson (replacing Tony Norman, District 3); Knox County Commission will appoint a replacement for Terry Hill (District 6).

Races for November:

U.S. Senate: Bill Hagerty (R) vs Marquita Bradshaw (D)

U.S. Rep: Tim Burchett (R) vs Renee Hoyos (D)

TN Senate 06: Becky Massey (R) vs Jane George (D)

TN Rep 13: Elaine Davis (R) vs Gloria Johnson (D)

TN Rep 14: Jason Zachary (R) vs Justin Davis (D)

TN Rep 15: Sam McKenzie (D)

TN Rep 16: Michele Carringer (R) vs Elizabeth Rowland (D)

TN Rep 18: Eddie Mannis (R) vs Virginia Couch (D)

TN Rep 19: Dave Wright (R)

TN Rep 89: Justin Lafferty (R)

Gossip & Lies

  • Dr. Manny Sethi sent a fund-raising email at 1:30 p.m. on Election Day. “Push us over the finish line.” Too late, Doc, but I’ve got a great deal on hydroxychloroquine.
  • Watching a video of Dolly, Kenny and Willie, I noticed when Dolly and Kenny walked on a ramp into the audience, the women’s eyes went to Kenny while the guys turned as one to follow Dolly.
  • We’ve not cured Covid, but we have stopped the barrage of political mail – until October.

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