Willow Avenue property goes for $4 million

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Updated 5/18/23 to change property address of Willow Avenue land.

In the second week of May, a total of 1,252 documents were recorded. This included 278 Trust Deeds (loans) with an aggregate value of $90.8 million. There were 10 loans valued at one million or more. The largest two were funded by Home Federal Bank; one in the amount of $6.5 million and the second at $5.85 million. The other eight were less than $5 million and are listed below:

Property Transfers accounted for 210 of the recordings last week. The total value of the land on these Warranty Deeds was $76.15 million. This included 9 sales over $1 million. The largest sale of the week was 2 adjoining properties at 816 Willow Ave. Master OZ Willow LLC sold them to a local real estate investor for $4 million.

The second commercial property to change hands at upwards of $1 million was a parcel in West Knoxville just off Middlebrook Pike. TN Telephone Facility LLC sold the property at 3401 Henson Road to Henson LLC for $1.73 million.

Henson Road property

The third and last commercial transfer greater than one million was at 5300 Rutledge Pike. Private investors sold the property to the Lilly Company for $1.1 million.

We’ve updated the three-year comparison of Trust and Warranty Deeds as of Friday, May 12.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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