Why We Need Realtors

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Everywhere you look in today’s world, it seems as if people are being replaced by technology. Obviously, the current pandemic has sped up this process. But even before that, for the last couple of years, so many industries have slowly been converting jobs from people to technology.

The other day, I read an article about a new-age real estate company. The piece posed the question, “Will technology replace realtors?” I can confidently tell you right now that the answer is no, but let me explain why.

Justin Bailey

Realtors are invaluable assets and key stakeholders in communities of all shapes and sizes. Realtors are woven into the fabric of what makes our town function and prosper.

Before being a salesperson, a Realtor must first be a counselor. A day in the life of a Realtor involves interacting with people in all stages of life. Maybe it’s sitting down with a couple who might be getting a divorce and needing to sell their family home. Or maybe it’s a family with a new baby on the way, and they are both excited but overwhelmed at the prospect of a larger home. Either way, Realtors must be prepared to understand the current life circumstance of their client.

When you think about it, a real estate agent is almost always at the intersection of life change.

This is why Realtors will never be replaced by software, technology or fancy apps. The real estate industry has stood the test of time; as a fourth generation Realtor, I’ve seen many trends come and go. Flat-fee listings, FSBO, iBuyer programs. You name it. Nothing has stood in the way of Realtors.

Because at the end of the day, people need an actual person who can take the time to uniquely understand their situation. An algorithm or website will never be able to replace the human aspect of connection and caring about someone’s life situation. Artificial intelligence cannot navigate the depths of empathy that Realtors have for their clients.

An agent at my office has an elderly client who cannot drive, so she picked her up to take her to the closing. It’s this level of care that most Realtors exhibit, but rarely get recognized for.

The misconception that Realtors are not needed or important needs to change. The reality is that Realtors are the pulse of communities. They invite and welcome new families into our town, and help current residents transition within our community.

If you know a good Realtor, then do me a favor and be loyal to them. I can guarantee you they are loyal to you, and to the place that you call home.

Justin Bailey is CEO of Realty Executives Associates, based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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