Vincenta Diecidue Cooper, 103: A testament to positivity

Susan EspirituFarragut, Our Town Neighbors

Gina Johnson and I have been friends since junior high school, so I have known her mother, Vincenta Diecidue Cooper, for over 50 years and this remarkable lady is going to be 104 years old this year. A long time Farragut resident, Cooper is still quite independent even though she moved into Morning Pointe Assisted Living when she was 99.

Anyone who is going to live to be 104 years old is more than likely going to have a positive attitude towards aging and a desire to experience life to the fullest. So, it is with Cooper, who is known at Morning Pointe for telling jokes that she “Googles” on the iPad she got for her 100th birthday. That’s not the only games she plays. “She plays Rumi Cube and occasionally she lets someone else win.”

Vincenta Cooper makes her own greeting cards and sells them to pay for her card stock and ink (102 in this picture)

Another trick for living longer may also be to have a sense of purpose and a passion for learning that keeps one engaged and mentally sharp. Cooper has a laptop and a desktop alongside her printer which she uses to make greeting cards that she sells to cover the cost of her card stock and ink. Gina says her mother is truly amazing and has never forgotten anything she ever learned.

She and her husband were married for 72 years, having met at UT in 1938.  And her best advice for living a long and happy life, “Trust in God and have faith.” Gina says her mom knows she isn’t in control but keeps herself going every day and truly is a shining light at the assisted living. Cooper says, “I am sad if I lose a friend here, but I must be cheery for everyone else.”

A sense of humor is also a hallmark of her personality as she quips, “The best thing about being my age is there is no peer pressure!”

Mrs. Vincenta Diecidue Cooper is a true testament to the power of positivity and faith as we are reminded that age is just a number with anything being possible when having the right mindset and attitude.

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