Two recognized for work at planning commission

Sandra ClarkOn the Grow

At year’s end, two staff members of Knoxville-Knox County Planning were recognized for outstanding work. Both were nominated by their colleagues.

Terry Gilhula has served as Covid-coordinator during the pandemic, working to ensure safety for staff and the public dealing with the planning commission. “Terry quickly stepped up to help us navigate the constantly changing rules, guidelines and recommendations related to the pandemic. He helped the agency shift to doing a significant amount of work electronically, allowing staff, planning commissioners and the public to stay safe and prioritize their health. His positive attitude and willingness to jump right into this new role has been inspiring to the rest of us,” according to the citation.

Michelle Portier, standing on Gay Street

Michelle Portier was recognized for “her exceptional team-oriented approach to her work with our agency.” Key words were “willingness to provide input and to collaborate is evident each day” and “diligence about informing customers of the application and review process.”

Posted by Knoxville-Knox County Planning. (We looked up one day and noticed the planning commission has a new name, will soon have a new director, and has a bunch of new staff members who seem incredibly young. Let’s learn more!)


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