Traffic light ahead for Karns

Sandra ClarkKarns/Hardin Valley

Remember when Karns had just one red light? We’d say, “Meet you at the red light,” or “The parade will start at the red light.”

Terry Hill

Over time, other traffic signals were installed on Oak Ridge Highway, but now comes the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: Expect a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of Byington-Beaver Ridge and W. Emory roads.

Knox County Commissioner Terry Hill says, “We are (finally) getting our stop light, thanks to Knox County Engineering! … I have been told this light will be installed before the end of 2023. It will be timed to flow with rush-hour congestion which we all know has been too bad for too long.”

Hill said Knox County continues to wait for the Tennessee Department of Transportation to “pony up” its promised allotment, which will include widening and a turn lane on Emory Road at the intersection. Emory Road (SR 131) is state-owned.

Hill said she’s just grateful to be “taking a step in the right direction.”


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