Touchdown Tales? Linda honors NFL with this week’s books

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Book Whisperer Linda Sullivan is recommending an entire series in honor of the start of the NFL season: The Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a romance novelist, called the “Queen of Romantic Comedy” and is the only five-time winner of the Romance Writers of America Favorite Book of the Year Award, probably linked to her motto, “Because Life is Better with Happily-Ever-Afters,” which guides all her writing. She lives in Chicago with her husband and has two grown sons.

In fact, Linda says this is maybe her favorite series and gives us some hints to the content within the pages of the first two of the current nine books in the series to date.

First book recommendation: It Had to Be You

Linda’s previews, “You’ll meet Bobby Tom in It Had to Be You, and you’ll want his story. Phillips delivers in the best possible way by taking this football star and making him into a movie star. “When someone who knows NOTHING about football inherits an NFL team, she may clash with the head coach. (wink, wink).”

Second recommendation: Heaven Texas

Linda’s promo: “In the second book in the series, Heaven Texas, Bobby Tom returns with reservations about being a movie star and has no plans to cooperate with a prim and bossy Gracie Snow whom he can’t get off his mind, so he plans to make over ‘plain Jane’ Gracie into a Texas wildcat.”

The 10th book in the Chicago Stars series, Simply the Best, releases February 13, 2024, so there’s time to catch up with your reading.

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