Tom Walsh receives $20K from Morgan Wallen Foundation

Susan EspirituHalls

There is an anonymous saying,” Always remember someone is watching you, so let your actions inspire and uplift those around you.”

Tom Walsh hasn’t worried about someone watching him perform as an outstanding teacher throughout his career, but people have watched him. Lesli Wallen is one who was watching when she taught with him at Adrian Burnett Elementary School.

Last week, Wallen, who is the mother of singer Morgan Wallen, and a member of the Morgan Wallen Foundation, presented Walsh a check for $20,000 from the foundation so he can continue the work she has watched him do through years with his students.

Tom Walsh, music teacher

Lesli Wallen recounted how he worked with the teachers so he could help teach the academic standards through music. She also recalled how he came in before hours to help students practice with instruments he had mostly purchased with his own funds and consistently challenged students to try in his classroom.

She said, “When you go into Tom’s classroom you will see kids playing the drums, keyboard, xylophone and different rhythm instruments. You will hear them singing songs and laughing. It might sound like chaos to you, but it sounds beautiful to those kids who are experiencing it.”

Now, with these funds from the Morgan Wallen Foundation, Tom Walsh will create even more beautiful chaos in the walls of Adrian Burnett!

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