The great newspaper rescue

Sandra ClarkHalls

In my previous career, I dealt in paper – rolls of paper purchased by the ton and moved with a little forklift – ink on paper – weird chemicals. We loaded and unloaded and inserted skids of pre-prints into newspapers, and then we delivered the package door-to-door. Somehow that seems so last century.

Now we disseminate news and commentary via dancing pixels and indecipherable code. At least there’s no heavy lifting. So, last week I’m making a sales pitch when the call comes that I’ve been expecting:

“Sorry for such short notice, but you can have those newspapers. And you need to come down and sort through them today.”

Yikes! A quick call to Moretz Moving yielded three young men and a truck. Nita Buell always said to call Moretz – the company is Powell-based and she had taught the kids at PHS. “They’re good people.”

Almost 50 years of Halls history – one week at a time.

So, we hit the warehouse and loaded their truck. Now seven 4-drawer file cabinets and 20-plus bankers’ boxes of Halls history are stacked neatly in my garage – in the space formerly used to open the driver’s side car door.

“I can’t believe you got those so quickly,” said a friend. “I’d have carried them out on my back,” I responded.





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