Make like a penguin; take the Plunge!

Carol EvansGet Out & Play

Whether it’s a flirtation or a full-blown love affair, having a relationship with the outdoors is the important thing.
Sorry – getting a little sappy on Valentine’s Day! But seriously, it’s …

Love and music – the perfect pair

Betsy PickleArts 865

This Valentine’s Day, how about a little mayhem and suicide for your viewing and listening pleasure?
Don’t worry, it’s just Knoxville Opera’s performance of “Romeo and Juliet.” And Charles Gounod’s classic …

Who’s up for some disc-y business?

Carol EvansGet Out & Play

It’s amazing how much there is to do outside this time of year. In addition to the regular walks, runs, hikes and rides, there are special activities that show off …

BATs in love: a Valentine’s Day story

Betty BeanHalls

Her name is Lauren Sorensen, a circumstance she credits to a most unlikely individual.
She was Lauren Hopson back in September 2016 when she met Phil Sorensen in Chicago at a …