Make like a penguin; take the Plunge!

Carol EvansOur Town Outdoors

Whether it’s a flirtation or a full-blown love affair, having a relationship with the outdoors is the important thing.
Sorry – getting a little sappy on Valentine’s Day! But seriously, it’s …

Love and music – the perfect pair

Betsy PickleOur Town Arts

This Valentine’s Day, how about a little mayhem and suicide for your viewing and listening pleasure?
Don’t worry, it’s just Knoxville Opera’s performance of “Romeo and Juliet.” And Charles Gounod’s classic …

BATs in love: a Valentine’s Day story

Betty BeanHalls

Her name is Lauren Sorensen, a circumstance she credits to a most unlikely individual.
She was Lauren Hopson back in September 2016 when she met Phil Sorensen in Chicago at a …