How humbling

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

For a place sort of set in its ways, football things sure do change in a hurry around here.
Gone are progress and momentum and Jeremy Pruitt being hailed as prospective …

Wonderful, wonderful

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

All around town, the now words are wonderful, wonderful.
Tennessee’s traditional victory over Kentucky, more meaningful than usual, exceeded expectations. The Wildcats were thought to be the stronger team. Not so.
Facts …

Pivotal games remain if …

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Wow, Alabama is pretty good.
That may be the best offense we’ve seen – strong, balanced, excellent speed, superior quarterback. The recycled analyst has done one heck of a job.
Tennessee regressed. …

Relief and belief

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

What we have here is good news a full notch above maybe and perhaps. Call it relief and belief.
No jumping to conclusions, mind you, but I am about to begin …

Auburn contradictions

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Unpredictable Auburn has a new problem. Off to the side, it has created one for Tennessee.
The Tigers, thought to be championship contenders back in the summer, are disappointing. They lost …

Improvement? Optimism? Careful now

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Jeremy and I thought we saw some encouraging signs. As 26-point losses go, this wasn’t all that bad. Georgia has a good team.
Jeremy was more emotional than I am about …

Different degrees of bad

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Fortunately, for Tennessee, there are different degrees of bad. The Vols were awful against Florida but worse is possible. Give that some thought.
Six turnovers are not a world record. Once …

Shoot but do not touch

Betsy PickleFeature, West Knox

Tennessee’s 1998 national championship trophy came to First Tennessee’s Downtown West Financial Center on Friday for a two-hour fan celebration and social media competition.
Bank staff offered nylon orange fans along …