Fulmer made correct call in 1994

Spencer S. HarrisFeature

Marvin West’s excellent piece from August 22, Which Vol Freshmen Will Play, reminded me of all the criticism Coach Fulmer endured during the 1994 season when he rotated two freshmen, …

Tennessee football: 50 years later

Marvin Westwestwords

Note to Phillip: Please consider inviting the 1969 Tennessee football team back to campus for a 50th-anniversary celebration.
Oh, so this has been on the planning board for weeks. Yes, I …

Vol football: Back where we started

Marvin Westwestwords

Good news: Jeremy Pruitt sounds as if he understands the fans’ point of view. He says he has to give us a team that will make us proud.
Perhaps you have …

If money will buy happiness …

Marvin Westwestwords

So, what do you get for $3 million and change in today’s college football coaching market?
Tennessee got Jim Chaney, Derrick Ansley and Tee Martin. We can hope that makes a …

Barnes wins home game

Marvin Westwestwords

Readers who become editorial supervisors when the pot gets hot are telling me what to tell Rick Barnes.
“You burned the bridge, old buddy.”
“Let him go. I’ll help him pack.”
“It’s all …