The silent Paul White speaks

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

Paul W. White, terminated as senior director of Parks and Recreation for Knox County, never issued a press release or called any reporters I know. He just disappeared – until …

Politicians scramble to tell their story

Sandra ClarkLet's Talk

A short time ago, Knoxville had a strong daily newspaper and 5 or 6 weeklies; three commercial television stations and 10 or so radio outlets that provided news. Elected leaders …

Health Board puts a ‘hurt’ on Jacobs

Betty BeanKnox Scene

The wrestler Kane, aka Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, is a fearsome sight when he executes his signature move. He calls it the choke slam, and it involves grabbing his …

Ayn Rand, meet Knox County Commission

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Let’s be clear. Philosopher Ayn Rand would not favor a government-sponsored program to help indigent people obtain medical care. No way, no how. But she might have run screaming from …

Knox County budget vote sets traps

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

How does a libertarian build a budget?
One brick in and two bricks out. Repeat.
Knox County Commission will vote June 6 in a special called meeting on the 2019-20 fiscal …