The name game

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut, Feature

What’s in a name?
With apologies to Shakespeare and the whole sweet-smelling rose thing, I am declaring there’s a whole lot in a name.
I am Sherri. With an “i.” I am …

Growing up a Gardner

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving Day in North Carolina with my father’s family. Cousin Courtney got married, and we had a glorious reunion of aunts, uncles and cousins.
Funny thing …

Giving Thanksgiving its due

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

I really want to honor Thanksgiving. It is a sweet, thoughtful holiday, shouldered in between the witchy fun of Halloween and the blessed chaos of Christmas.
How can you not respect …

Knoxville calls wanderer home

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

Home. As with a lot of four-letter words, it packs a punch.
I have always treasured the word “home” and have guarded its meaning jealously. Born in Mobile, Ala., I lived …