America + Afghanistan = no answers

Betsy PickleOpinion

Fun fact: Before I was seduced by the glamour of journalism (sarcasm alert), I had a couple of other careers in mind.
For more than half of my high school years, …

Politicians and a sense of shame

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Why did Republicans in Tennessee stand against Glen Casada until he agreed to resign as speaker of the House when Republicans in Washington cannot find their voice to condemn Donald …

Trump is Democrats’ best friend

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Rejoice, Democrats. You should admit that President Donald Trump is your greatest ally who will enable you to accomplish left-wing goals that would never have been possible without him.
He has …

It’s just not funny

Frank CagleFeature, Frank Talk

Donald Trump has killed comedy. Or, rather, Trump Derangement Syndrome has killed comedy. If you can sit through a Stephen Colbert monologue or stand to watch “Saturday Night Live,” your …