Money is no object

Marvin Westwestwords

Fourteen months ago, Phillip Fulmer accepted the challenge of “fixing” Tennessee football.
Because of what he previously accomplished, because of his competitiveness, wisdom and experience, I want to believe it will …

Championship connections

Marvin Westwestwords

We are not left out in the cold.
No doubt you find it very comforting to have prominent connections to the national championship football game, coming soon to a large-screen TV …

Pray for Trey

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Happiness is getting the last two gifts wrapped and the bicycle assembled with time left to light candles and sing Christmas carols.
Here is an add-on: Say a prayer for Henry …

The search is on

Marvin Westwestwords

Our current crisis isn’t really about dearly departed Butch Jones. It is about Tennessee football, rich in tradition, elite for decades at a time, back in the ditch, maybe the …

What Butch has done

Marvin Westwestwords

Before it is all said and done …
Some of the loudest critics of Butch Jones haven’t considered what the coach has done at Tennessee.
For just $20 million or so, he …

Time to negotiate

Marvin Westwestwords

As a five-touchdown underdog, Butch’s best option is to negotiate.
Nick Saban’s football persona is that of a stone-cold killer. Critics have called him merciless. That is their explanation for 59-0 …