The search is on

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Our current crisis isn’t really about dearly departed Butch Jones. It is about Tennessee football, rich in tradition, elite for decades at a time, back in the ditch, maybe the …

What Butch has done

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Before it is all said and done …
Some of the loudest critics of Butch Jones haven’t considered what the coach has done at Tennessee.
For just $20 million or so, he …

Time to negotiate

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As a five-touchdown underdog, Butch’s best option is to negotiate.
Nick Saban’s football persona is that of a stone-cold killer. Critics have called him merciless. That is their explanation for 59-0 …

Quiet, please

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“If you can’t say something good, keep quiet” was an early coaching point from my first teacher, my dear grandmother.
I searched and searched for something good to say about the …

The end is near

Marvin Westwestwords

The sign said “The end is near.”
The bearded man was carrying it along the sidewalk. I assumed he was a religious zealot, warning us of things to come.
My second thought …

As the General said, don’t ever give up

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Do not despair. There is an immediate future to replace the recent past. UMass is coming to Neyland Stadium. I am almost certain Tennessee can defend a last-gasp 63-yard pass …

Nothing to it, folks

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Nothing to it, folks. All it took was a fairly ordinary miracle.
Tennessee defeated Georgia Tech in two overtimes, 42-41, by finally stopping a runaway quarterback on a two-point try for …

Being Butch isn’t easy

Marvin Westwestwords

It isn’t easy being Butch Jones.
Paying customers demand perfection. Media types are constantly nipping at his heels.
Famous rivals seek to run him over. His own people sometimes cause consternation. And, …