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Hmmm. The new set on WBIR-TV’s Inside Tennessee has disappeared after a week. Folks were back on the semi-circle chairs Sunday. Too bad.

Joshua Williams, Democratic candidate for Congress, said he may put “I vote for the best person” on his yard signs rather than his name. Why not pull a page from the Allison Beaver playbook and just use the name Burchett: “Vote Burchett for Congress.” Has a ring.

Williams was the guest on Tennessee This Week. A psychologist by trade, he says he’s got the skill set Washington needs. He knows how to listen to people.

John Becker hosted three term-limited members of City Council.

Nick Pavlis (South) said stopping the James White Parkway extension was “a real game-changer” in terms of investment and strengthening neighborhoods in SoKno. If he got a chance to change one aspect of city government, Pavlis would let Council run its own meetings rather than have the mayor preside.

Daniel Brown (East) said he wouldn’t mess with much, but he would like to see district members elected from their district. Currently, the top two district vote-getters run citywide. Historically, Brown’s District 6 has most frequently seen its top vote-getter finish second in the run-off.

Nick Della Volpe (North/East) touted Knoxville Center (which he calls East Towne Mall) and said new owners are investing $12 million to improve retail there, including added visibility, selling outparcels and opening exterior doors to ground level shops. His change? He wants to be able to “ask factual questions” to other council members outside of meetings, but is restricted by the state’s open meetings law.

Pavlis strongly disagreed, calling Della Volpe “a contrarian” at one point. Looks like the love has died between Nicky P and Nicky D.


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