Stormwater team scores national praise

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Natalie Landry is on the cover of the October 2020 edition of Municipal Sewer and Water. The magazine featured the stormwater management team of Knox County’s Engineering and Public Works Department.

The article talks about watershed coordinator Roy Arthur and flood plain manager Eddy Roberts along with Landry, the stormwater compliance manager. It touts the innovative approaches Knox County has taken over 20 years to clean up streams, in part by reducing stormwater runoff. It quotes extensively from Steve Elliott, director of development services in the EPW Department.

Elliott praises the cooperation of developers, saying “none of the developers wanted to do it” initially. But noting a “pretty positive attitude out there” now.

Landry said, “The majority of our regulations have to do with land development. If you disturb the land, that’s where stormwater ordinances come into play. I personally don’t think they are burdensome. They were introduced in 2008, and developers are pretty used to them. There’s not a lot of resistance now.”

Both Arthur and Landry have been involved with Beaver Creek restoration during their tenure with Knox County. Arthur was instrumental in building the Halls wetlands that adjoin the Halls greenway near the branch library. He also led the project now named the Harrell Road Stormwater Park. By action of Knox County Commission, the park has been renamed the Roy Arthur Stormwater Park with a dedication set for Saturday, Oct. 24.

Landry has worked with Enhance Powell and the Beaver Creek Kayak Club to promote recreational use of Beaver Creek. Her support was crucial in getting the recently installed public put-in behind Powell High School through the permitting process.

Knox County employees like Arthur, Landry and Roberts have gone far beyond expectations to make their rules work for developers and citizens alike. Recognition in the industry trade magazine is well deserved.

Read the full article here.

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