Sterchi Oaks apartment building and lot bring $4.9 million

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My staff recorded 1,331 deeds last week. 296 were loans (Trust Deeds) with a sum of $90.18 million. Seven were loans with values over a million and one of those was privately funded. The largest of the loans last week was $7.46 million which was funded by Wells Fargo Bank NA. The others were:


208 properties were sold which had a total value of $96.09 million. Commercial properties made up five of the nine properties with prices over one million dollars.

Nick McBride

A large piece of property owned by Pellissippi Dutchtown GP was sold to Century Park MF EXL LLC last week and transferred to another entity under the same umbrella on the same day. The 23-acre property at 10209 Sherrill Blvd, close to the Dutchtown Rd intersection, was sold by Pellissippi Dutchtown General Partnership to Century Park MF EXL LLC for $4 million. In the same transaction, Century Park MF EXL LLC transferred the property to Century Park MF Brand Partners LLC for $4 million.

Another of the week’s transfers was four parcels of land located at 10924 McBride Lane, off Lovell Road. Currently occupied by Colonial Freight Systems, McBride Properties Inc. sold the four parcels to Inc. for $4 million.

Not far from that parcel in West Knoxville, the Tennessee Tennis Club & Academy LLC sold the 5.92-acre property at 2810 Ball Camp Byington Rd to ANC Management LLC for $2.8 million.

The last of the list is in downtown Knoxville. Matisse Capital LLC sold the historic Sterchi Oaks Apartment building and parking lot located at 209 W. Fifth Ave to The Sterchi LLC for $4.95 million.

The three-year comparison has been updated as of Friday, August 18.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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