Starbucks coming to Halls Food City

Shannon CareyHalls

In just a few months, Halls residents won’t have to go to Fountain City or Powell to get their coffee fix. That’s right, the Halls Food City is undergoing renovations, and when those are complete the store will host a Starbucks, the first to open in Halls Crossroads.

Store manager Travis Woody said Food City will be open and offering full services during the upgrades, which he expects to see complete near the end of April with Starbucks opening around the beginning of May.

But Starbucks isn’t the only new feature for the store. The entrance is getting overhauled to “a normal format with two entrances and a vestibule,” said Woody. The change will make the store more energy-efficient and keep the checkout area warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Starbucks will be located toward the front of the store to the right of the entrance as you walk in.

Exterior shot of the north side of the Halls Food City where unoccupied retail space will become an expanded bakery/deli for the store.

Food City is also replacing most of the open-case coolers with enclosed cases with doors, another energy-efficient move, and installing all-new checkouts. The store’s north side is expanding into neighboring empty retail space to create a combined bakery and deli with a brand new kitchen and new appliances, plus a sit-down cafe for customers, pizza oven and pizza case.

The store’s pharmacy will stay where it is, but it will be renovated. A sushi bar will also be added between the meat and seafood areas.

All in all, the store is adding about 3,000 square feet and expanding the frozen food selection by 33 percent.

Woody said he’s excited about the changes since they create additional jobs and offer more services to customers.

“I want our Halls customers to have everything they want here in Halls without having to leave Halls to get it. That’s my goal,” he said.

While staff has moved some store merchandise around to accommodate the renovation, all departments are still in operation and will continue to operate throughout the process.

“I won’t lie, I’ll be tickled pink when it’s done, but so far it’s been a really great experience,” said Woody.

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