Jim Smith, also knows as Tennessee Jim of Rushy Springs Farm brought his peppers and homemade hot sauces to the Pepper Jubilee at New Harvest Farmers Market. Photos by S. Carey

Rain couldn’t stop the spice at New Harvest Farmers Market Aug. 31, as farmers and merchants brought their best hot and sweet peppers to the Pepper Jubilee. There were salsa tastings, cooking demonstrations and of course lots and lots of peppers. Here are some scenes from the day.

Wendell Kirkland, author of “Living on Wildlife,” cooks up wild turkey stir fry with plenty of peppers. To find his book, search “Wendell’s Way” on Facebook.

Donna Riddle of Seven Springs Farm shows some lovely, local red peppers.

Check out the line for Mountain Meadows Farm!

Kathy McGinnis and Mary Wilson of Non-partisan Voter Registration Team of Knoxville are ready to help folks register to vote at the Pepper Jubilee.

Written by Shannon Carey
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