Somewhere along a high road

Christopher RobinOur Town Arts

When I returned to my camera habit about 10 years ago, I strived to be a landscape photographer. Capturing the broad vistas of the countryside, particularly the Great American West of my youth, was my goal. My photography soon evolved to more intimate landscapes, small scenes, abstracts and even some street or people photography.

My art work may have moved on, but I still cannot pass up the opportunity to capture “big ones” like this western Nebraska image. The highway and the yellow stripes are leading lines pulling your eyes all the way to the horizon and ultimately to the western clouds.

The Sandhills of Nebraska, rolling sand dunes reaching as high as 400 feet, cover about 25 percent of my home state. These hills have become grassed over and are now occupied by large cow-calf ranches, many containing tens of thousands of acres. This semi-arid region sits upon the massive Ogallala Aquifer, where water may be only a few feet underground.

Though I now photograph many subjects, a grand vista will always bring me to a stop.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer each week share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. They have a small studio and gallery in the Phoenix Building at 418 S. Gay St. where you can stop and see their work. Their website is All works are copyright protected.

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