Skaggston kindergarteners reunite after 50 years

Susan EspirituEast Knox, Our Town Neighbors

If you are over 55, do you remember your kindergarten teacher and your classmates? Tanna Nicely and 12 of her classmates from Skaggston Elementary do and they met at Calhoun’s on Saturday, August 12, to celebrate their 50th year reunion and reminisce about their time growing up together in the community!

Sara Baskin, the  group’s kindergarten teacher, with Tanna Nicely showed up to tell stories of the class escapades

Skaggston Elementary School closed in 1979 along with three other schools, being replaced by East Knox County Elementary School.

Sara Baskin, who was the kindergarten teacher for this still very lively group of quinquagenarians arrived to see her former students and to share stories of their classroom time together so many years ago.

Baskin lives not too far from South Knox Elementary where her former student, Dr. Tanna Nicely, is principal. I am sure South Knox kindergarteners would love to hear about their principal’s escapades as a kindergartner, Tanna.

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