Art, frisbee youth camps to fund mission trip

Susan EspirituFarragut, Our Town Youth

Most of us have siblings. Siblings who have a positive relationship show mutual respect, can easily communicate and provide a unique camaraderie. I am blessed with exceptional siblings, and I have children who have demonstrated the strength of the sibling connection.

Recently, I connected with a unique set of siblings, Zeke and Lily Plewniak, two young people not only dedicated to excellence in education, but also to pursuing the same path in community service. Twins? No, but siblings with a like mindset for providing service to others and thinking out of the box to combine their talents to earn their way to New York City and complete a mission trip this summer at the Dream Center.

Lily Plewniak, the artist, is using her talents to offer an Art Camp for boys and girls, ages 7-12, with supplies provided. Lily who is graduating from Farragut High School says about going to the Dream Center this summer, “I’m excited to get to know the people of New York City and learn about their stories. I will also be working alongside the creative director of the Dream Center, so I’m hoping to learn lifelong skills both of service to others and creativity to bring back to my Knoxville community.” Register at Lily’s Art Camp

Zeke Plewniak, a rising sophomore at the University of Tennessee and member of the University of Tennessee Ultimate Frisbee team, is conducting an Ultimate Frisbee Camp for boys second grade and older. Of serving at the Dream Center this summer he says, “I’m considering a career in non-profit ministry, so getting the opportunity to go to the Dream Center is a great chance to learn from people that have been working in it a long time. Not to mention the fact I’ll get to use my skills to help underserved people!” Register at Zeke’s Ultimate Frisbee Camp

Both camps occur on June 20 -21 from 9 a.m. to noon at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville, 1250 Heritage Lake Blvd.

 As I am watching the sibling bonds grow between my grandchildren within the family units of my children, I pray for some to result as fruitful as these between Zeke and Lily Plewniak.

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