Sharon Bales is beloved Taco Bell employee

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors, South Knox

If you frequent a regular eating spot, you may have a favorite server who becomes more than just someone who serves food, but also becomes a friend and a familiar face. The same is true when you have a favorite co-worker that is always reliable, positive and makes the workday enjoyable.

Those descriptions capture Sharon Bales, who is the ultimate server and co-worker at the South Knoxville Taco Bell and is moving locations to be closer to her home, much to the heartbreak of her co-workers and customers.

Ja’Lyssa Howell says of Sharon, “The most outgoing beautiful soul-giving person I have ever met and known! I am so grateful to have met her. My first ever job at Chapman Highway Taco Bell, and she was such a welcoming person. We are all going to miss our Sharon. If you ever met her, you know how great she is to be around!”

91 responses followed Howell’s post with customer comments echoing her coworkers such as, “I sure wish I had known in advance so I could have stopped to see her. I will miss her, the beautiful smile and her friendliness. She was a Taco Bell blessing.” Another said similar, “We’ll miss her warmth, her humor and the way she made our dining experience feel special. It’s hard to say goodbye.”

She is known as the “Cinnamon Twist” or “Freeze Lady” at this location so I do hope those fun-loving handles follow her to her new home.

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