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There really are great things about getting older, and there are many for those of you who are on your way and just think it’s wrinkles and sore joints. One of those great things is all the people you meet along the way, making connections that circle back at some point in your life to gift you in a way you never imagined. I circled back recently to a school counselor, Sarah Hamilton, who I worked with at Pond Gap Elementary and who continues the journey of supporting the students there.

Brody, husband Bo, Anna, and Sarah Hamilton

Sarah is a mother of two, Brody who is 16 and Anna who is 14 and her love of children has shown through with her counseling of hundreds of children at school. She has found that reaching children, both her own and those she shepherds at school, is best done through reading books filled with stories that teach, inspire and ignite the imagination either through pictures or words.

Her love of reading led her to writing, first creatively, then more seriously to publishing children’s books. Over the past 14 years, she has submitted children’s picture books here and there with no response. Learning that less than 1% of submissions are accepted through the traditional publishing route, Sarah didn’t give up and kept exploring different avenues to get a book published.

Blair, Sarah’s cousin’s daughter, enjoying Fancy Girls

Remarkably, in May 2022, Austin Macauley Publishers responded they would publish the first little story that Sarah had written for her daughter, Anna, 13 years ago. Fancy Girls is her first publication and it’s available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon online. The target age range is for girls ages 2-8, with 5 being the main target.

Sarah says, “Fancy Girls is a sweet little book that sends a big message. The colorful pages encourage girls to be ‘fancy’ on the inside and out! It’s fun for little girls to play dress-up and wear sparkly things but it’s also important to act helpful, kind and be tough! It’s a great starter conversation for parents to have with their daughters, and it’s also simple enough for young girls to read themselves.”

Sarah is writing a book focused on boys due out in 2024, because she says, “I can’t dedicate a book to only one of my kids. Strong Boys is in production with a very similar message. It’s dedicated to the strongest boy I know, Brody.”

Counseling students to never give up on themselves has taught Sarah the same lesson. She declares, “I can’t believe I am a published author! I learned the lesson to never give up on your dreams! Timelines may change, and things may not always go as you wish or planned. You can become what you dream about with dedication, persistence, and the right support system cheering you on! You have to make a habit of believing in yourself!” Her main support she attributes to husband Bo, who she says has provided unwavering encouragement.

Get your copy at Barnes and Noble or here Fancy Girls on Amazon.

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