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We have all been sellers or buyers at some time in our lives, but have you ever sold or paid for a somewhat higher price-tagged item with change? One of Sara Beeler’s funniest experiences as a hair stylist happened when a client paid for her chemical treatment in an unconventional form. At the end of the service and pleased with the results, the client summoned Sara to her car to begin doling out the $130 payment one quarter at a time, which happens to be 520 quarters.

Ever get paid in quarters?

Sara Beeler owns her salon suite cleverly named, Hair to Dye For, and she has had many crazy, yet funny happenings along her entrepreneur journey that began in a very unique way thanks to her sister, Jaclyn.

Jaclyn insisted Sara take theater class together Sara’s freshman year of high school despite Sara’s reticence. However, Sara wound up doing the theatrical makeup behind the scenes and loving the class so much, she took it all four years of high school, finding herself wanting to go to cosmetology school upon graduation.

Sara Beeler is one of a kind and will treat you like one of a kind as well!

Sarah spent 13 years as a hair stylist in Middle Tennessee. She says, “I built so many relationships and met so many amazing people, learning so much from so many people. The clients I had back home became like family to me. I love making people feel beautiful. Sometimes a new look can change someone’s whole outlook on themselves.”

Sara has had the funny experiences but also the heartfelt ones that she says make her passionate about her career. She recounts getting a text from a client whose sister had cancer. She wanted to thank her because her sister gained a new confidence and felt truly like herself again, because Sara had worked with her after all the chemo and radiation effects had done so much damage to her self-esteem.

When Sara moved to Knoxville to be close to family, she felt sad to leave her old relationships, but excited to grow new relationships and make more connections here in Knoxville.

“I always strive to be a safe space for all people to feel comfortable in my salon,” says Sara. Her suite is in Salon Suite at Montvue Place. Call or text her to schedule an appointment, 615-593-1112. Hair to Dye For on Facebook

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