Sales and lending remain strong in August

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Here’s good news for Knox County: Sales and lending remain on the upswing! The second week in August had fewer transactions than the first week, but total dollars increased in both lending and property sales. The number of recordings this week were 302 property transfers and 416 loans. The total of all sales for the week was $83.57 million.

The largest commercial property transfer was a $3.5 million transfer between Combs Industrial Services and AllWaste Onsite LLC. This company performs non-hazardous liquid waste hauling and treatment services in the building located on Delaware Street in the Lonsdale area. Another multi-million dollar transfer took place between MMS Holdings LLC and AFG-Knoxville LLC for the La-Z Boy Furniture Galleries located on Kingston Pike. This transfer was $3.45 million

$172.6 million dollars in loans were recorded last week. The three largest were $16.42 million, $15 million and $13.5 million.

The $16.42 million loan was between 309 Broome LLC and CBRE Capital Markets Inc. for the Meridian Apartments on Broome Rd. The $15 million-dollar loan was between Elman Knoxville Associates LP and Israel Discount Bank of New York and involves the VA Outpatient Clinic on Ray Mears Blvd. The $13.5 million was between Sachchidanand Lodging LLC/ Sachchidanand Hotel Main Street and JPMorgan Chase Bank for the Hampton Inn and Suites in downtown Knoxville.

For your information: Unlike a vehicle title which you receive after the payments are made, the deed to your house is given to you by the title company that is used for your closing. Your deed is recorded in our office and then returned to the title company. If you have misplaced your deed and need a copy, we can provide a regular or certified copy upon request. Just give us a call at 865-215-3766 or email us.

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Nick McBride is the register of deeds for Knox County.


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