Sadie Owen donates birthday money to playground fund

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Youth

Fountain City Elementary had a very special guest at their PTO meeting last week. Second grader Sadie Owen presented them with $300 from her own birthday money that she donated to the playground fund!

Sadie and her family discussed the idea of donating to a cause instead of receiving birthday gifts at her party and without hesitation, she picked her school playground fund. When she sent out invitations to her party, she said “In lieu of gifts, please consider donating to the Fountain City Elementary playground fund.” She made a donation jar that was set out at the party and was thrilled to count it all out afterward.

During her kindergarten year, Sadie found out the community was responsible for providing playgrounds at the schools and the PTO at FCE was raising funds to replace one of the aging playgrounds. She is now in second grade and was hoping she could make a difference and contribute to the cause.

The playground the school is working to replace is open to the public and she plays on it after school, but during school it is used for grades 3-5. She is hoping the PTO raises enough for a new playground by the time she gets to 3rd grade next year.

Sadie says about the gift, “I feel like it was really fun doing something that will help out my school and I feel like it was the right thing to do. It made me feel happy.”

Parents Wes and Cassie Owen says of Sadie, “Sadie has the biggest heart. We love that she chose this for her birthday this year because it will benefit kids for many years to come.”

The PTO website said, “Sadie is a real Fountain City Pepcat! We are so proud of you, Sadie, and so thankful for your generosity!!!”

If you want to add to the playground donations: Fountain City Elementary Playground

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