Rose Armsworth wins at every level on National History Day

Susan EspirituDowntown, Our Town Youth

National History Day is an academic competition, established in 1974, for middle and high school students. The annual competition has a different theme every year with this year’s theme being Frontiers in History: People, Places and Ideas.

The competition starts at the local level, with students presenting their projects to judges who evaluate their research, analysis and presentation skills. Winners from the local competitions move on to regional, state and eventually the national level, where they compete for scholarships and awards. L & N STEM Academy produced a winner in all levels: freshman Rose Armsworth.

Rose’s documentary Indian Magna Carta: The Proclamation of 1763 and the Indigenous People’s Rights Frontier won the school, regional and state competition. She placed third in the nation.

She is also one of the winners of the Next Generation Angels Award, which gives her documentary a copyright to exist in the Library of Congress in perpetuity. Her film will also be included in a film festival in November.

We will certainly read more about Rose Armsworth as she continues her academic journey.

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